Quartetto Desiglioli

Quartetto Desiglioli
Jamie Campbell, Laura Lutzke - violins
Nicholas Bootiman - viola
Karel Bredenhorst - cello

Quartetto Desiglioli is a devoted string quartet founded in 2012 during the Cervo Chamber Music festival, in memory of Vittorio Desiglioli, the former mayor of Cervo, who helped immensely in setting up the CCM festival in 2012. 

Concert programme may include any of the below works.
In addition suggestions are welcomely considered.

J. Haydn 

String Quartet in C maj Op.20 No.2 - YouTube

String Quartet in F min, Op.20 No.5

String quartet in G maj, Op.54 No.1 

String Quartet in G maj, Op.76 No.1 

String Quartet in D maj, Op. 76 No.5

W.A. Mozart

String Quartet in C, K465 “Dissonance” 

L. Beethoven

String Quartet in F maj Op.18 No.1

String Quartet in D maj Op.18 No.3

String Quartet in B-flat maj, Op.18 No.6

G. Puccini

"Crisantemi" for Sting Quartet

F. Mendelssohn

Mendelssohn String quartet E-flat Op.12

String Quartet in A minor, Op. 13

String quartet in E min, Op.44 No.2

String Quartet in F min, Op.80

Capriccio for String Quartet Op.81 - Soundcloud

J. Brahms

String Quartet in A minor, Op.51 No.2